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ARVENOL®, the first truly biobased insulation foam

For years now there has been much talk in the insulation industry about applications for biobased raw materials, but up to now the results have not been impressive. But now that has all changed. Nestaan, based in Tholen in the Netherlands, have achieved the breakthrough with the development of a two-component insulation foam with a significant biobased score of up to

Years of research

It’s no surprise that it should be Nestaan who have come up with this environmentally friendly solution, as the independent system builders have developed a sound reputation as developers of polyurethane insulation solutions for highly specific applications. Their laboratory has the expertise and knowledge in house to track down raw materials all around the world which might meet their challenging objective of creating an insulation foam with an outstandingly high biobased content.
The biological raw material used comes from industrial waste streams and it therefore has zero impact on the food chain. This raw material completely replaces the polyol in the two-component system. A period of intensive testing led to the birth of ARVENOL insulation foam, with product and processing characteristics identical to those of Nestaan’s other products but also with one highly significant advantage: a fundamental cut in the use of petrochemical raw materials.

“OK biobased” certification

Laboratory and field testing delivered surprisingly high results, later ratified

by the external certification agency Vinçotte. The spray application ARVENOL-S was placed in class 1 for the “OK biobased” compliance mark. This means that the end product is between
20 and 40% biobased.
ARVENOL products are easily identified in the field. The resulting insulation foam is in general salmon pink and has a neutral biological odour. The yellow ARVENOL drums are also easily distinguished from the packaging of the other system products.

Already available for a multitude of applications.

ARVENOL is particularly suitable for use as a high-efficiency internal insulation material on and under floors, in attics and in cavity walls, and not only in domestic premises but also in agricultural buildings, in industry and as tank insulation.
Its high reactivity makes ARVENOL extremely suitable for overhead spraying.
ARVENOL products for spray application can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. As well as the spray products ARVENOL can also be supplied for casting, injection and adhesive systems.

Technical data sheets are available on request.


Nestaan Holland BV

Nestaan Holland BV